Rotating DB Credentials Programatically - DBT CLOUD

Hi everyone! My organization is in the planning stages of implementing rotating passwords for service accounts, which our Snowflake DB credentials falls into. Does anyone know if there is a way to programmatically update these credentials in dbt cloud?

I have found this Terraform Registry but the documentation is a little lacking… for instance how do I find the credential id in the dbt cloud gui?

Hi! Sorry for the delay in the response. I just happened to see this message right now.

First, I just wanted to mention that there is a new provider maintained by dbt Labs. It is based on the one you shared and the repo was handed over from the community member to dbt Labs

Second, the credential_id is not the easiest to find in the dbt Cloud UI without inspecting the browser. What you could do though is use the dbtcloud_environment data source for your environment (you will see its id in the url), and it will tell you what is the credential_id for this environment

Let me know if you have more questions!