Same exposure & model in DAG

Hi There,

I just started to explore the exposures feature in DBT, and I see that the final model I want to treat as exposure appear twice in the DAG: both as model and as exposure.

My brief understanding (looking at the docs:) ) is that if you define it as exposure, it should not be anymore a model. Here is the YAML file, in the same folder as the exposure. What it was the previous mfhd_clients model (now turned into exposure) it is not defined in any other YAML.

Does anyone know how this is happening? Or any intersting resource to understand this deeper, thanks:)

EDIT: Good morning, I just solved this Issue, so it can be closed.

The solution was that in the dbt_project.yml I was declaring all the models in Mart folders to materialise as views (including the folder where I had my exposures). The solution is then to disable the model materialisation for the .sql files in the folder of my exposures.

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