set the project directory for dbt deps in dbt cloud

hello everyone,

in the job settings, a command can be added to override default dbt run command in order to use the flag --project-dir to indicate the location of dbt_project.yml. however, job settings does not recognize dbt deps as a command so it cannot be overriden to use --project-dir to use the same dbt_project.yml as dbt run. packages.yml is still located in root but dbt deps fails if it does not find dbt_project.yml.

is it possible to override dbt deps in dbt-cloud?

Instead of using --project-dir, have you tried setting the Project Subdirectory in Account Settings > Project Details?

Your packages.yml and dbt_project.yml file will still need to be at the same depth, but you can specify a subdirectory of the git repo if you have other things beyond just your dbt project inside of a single git repository.

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That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much and the tip for packages.yml.

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