Single Documentation page for all projects

Hi All,

How do we generate / push multiple projects Documentation to a single Documentation place. Did any worked on this approach similar to some thing build by gitlab -!/overview

Check out the documentation on dbt Docs:

Hi Drew,

The documentation shows about the Single Project, but if we need to merge multiple projects, I don’t see any details. Can you please guide.

As long as all the projects are imported into a master project (through packages), the documentation will automatically contain all models.

gitlab_snowflake is their main project, and the other 3 (snowflake_spend, logging, and snowplow) are actually packages.

You cannot combine the docs from multiple, independent projects at this time (well, not without working under the hood to merge relevant data from the manifest.json files anyway).

Hi Martin,

Thanks for taking time on reply, I am not still clear on the action, I have 2 Projects Project 1 & Project 2, which has their own DBT_Project.yml. are you suggesting to combine the 2 Projects under one DBT_Project.yml ? If you have any documentation or details can you please help me.

@sudhirnune dbt has a native package manager that allows you to import one project into another as a dependency. You don’t need to combine the code into a single project, rather, simply import one package as a reference into another. More info here.