Snowflake Session Param Timezone is not working

We are using the DBT = 0.19.1.

In the model Pre-Hook, we have “alter session set timezone = ‘Australia/Melbourne’” as a pre hook.

When we run the model, as below

select convert_timezone(‘Australia/Melbourne’,getdate()) convert_date, getdate() get_date,current_timestamp curr_time

the table which is created doe not consider the session timezone which has been set and using the Account Level Timezone setting.

Note: Validate the session ID, for PreHook and Model, they are same

When we try the same steps on Snowflake UI & Python Connector 2.3.6 (DBT snowflake Adapter Version)

the result is as expected - Session TIMEZONE is getting properly applied

With the DBT, its not working, we have Query Tag as Pre hook and it works perfectly

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. create a model with below lines:
{{ config(
    pre_hook = "alter session set timezone = 'Australia/Melbourne'"
) }}
select convert_timezone('Australia/Melbourne',getdate()) convert_date, getdate() get_date,current_timestamp curr_time
  1. Run the model
  2. Go to Snowflake and select * from model_name;