store model output in external location

The problem I’m having

I want the output of my model to be stored in my azure blob storage. I can now store it in a local folder but I want the output of my model to go straight to the azure blob storage as a csv file.

Some example code or error messages

This is from my dbt_project.yml

    # Config indicated by + and applies to all files under models/example/
      +materialized: view
      +materialized: external
      +schema: bronze
      +location: 'azure://sarcscdataplatform/bronze-container/local_access.csv'
      +format: csv
      +materialized: view
      +schema: silver
      +materialized: table

But mainly I receive this as an error:

Invalid Input Error: Attempting to execute an unsuccessful or closed pending query result
  Error: Serialization Error: LogicalCopyToFile not implemented yet

Is it not implemented yet to store it directly in the azure blob storage? I’m looking forward to anyone’s answers! Thanks in advance