Add location to create database/schema statement in databricks to enable creation of managed tables on external storage accounts

The problem I’m having

I want to store my tables as managed tables on an external location like adls or blob.
By default databricks stores managed tables in: dbfs:/user/hive/warehouse, it is possible to change this default location by creating the database / schema and definining the location.

Example SQL statement:
CREATE SCHEMA test_db LOCATION ‘abfss://’

(database / schema are equivalent in databricks)

This way all tables created in this database/schema will be managed tables and the data as well as the metadata will be deleted if a table is dropped. I can’t find a way how to add the location to the create schema statement in dbt.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

What I’ve already tried

Consulted dbt documentation

How can I add the location to the CREATE DATABASE / SCHEMA statement in dbt in such tables within this database / schema will become managed tables and data is stored on an external storage account?

You can add the ‘location_root’ config parameter described in

This will allow you to set the default storage location. You might need to permanently mount the the azure storage container in a /mnt folder first.