The Exact dbt Commands We Run in Production

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At the beginning of this is mention of using dbt build. Does this supersede the 4 commands dbt uses in production? How does this fit into the picture?

@ragin.jason dbt Build does not supersede the four main commands that are commonly used in production. It gives you the flexibility to use them, depending on your use case.

dbt Build is very great for running and testing your modules in your DAG order from left to right. For example, if you have stg_orders.sql it will build this out, then test it before moving on to the next module in your DAG illustration. If the test fails, the dbt build command will stop. This gives you the ability to determine problems before the end user does, and you can make the changes in most cases before your client notices it.

I recommend checking out the free dbt Fundamentals Course! You can use the link below to access an 8-minute video on testing out the dbt build command:

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Hello! Thank you for the post, very educational!

I work for a company where we have a few hundred people building models in dbt. And every team schedules their own jobs at different frequencies and with different SLOs. Our dependencies are, of course, very complex. In this set up do you still recommend not using model selectors? I can’t imagine how that would go! Curious to hear your thoughts. Thank you!