Trouble deploying to Google Bigquery

I built a test project using the fundamental lab as a guide but some sample data i am familiar with…

the project seems to run fine in the “development” environment in dbt_cloud

When i “deploy” i am getting errors related to data not present in the “production” environment…

i created a “deployment” environment, but there really aren’t many options in the setup

how do i re point my project to production?

you need to have different targets for each environment in profile.yml

  type: bigquery
  method: oauth
  project: development-env
  dataset: dev_dataset
  location: EU
  type: bigquery
  method: oauth
  project: production-env
  dataset: prod_dataset
  location: EU

You need to run " dbt run --select test_model --target production
You need to run " dbt run --select test_model --target development

Hope this helps !!

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Thank you! That makes a lot of sense…

2 follow ups

  1. I created a fresh project in the cloud dbt UI - and there is no profiles.yml that gets created and put anywhere…

  2. there is the dbt_project.yml that has a profiles section… do i need to embed in there somehow?