What are your thoughts on a basic project workflow in dbt?

Hey Everyone,

I have a general question about project management and dbt. In most situations, would this be an acceptable order to deploy our models? I would love to hear your thoughts!

  1. Create your dimensions using the same query from your warehouse
  2. Stage your CTEs
  3. Reference them in your dimension
  4. Configure and Select from our Sources
  5. Configure Source Freshness

Best Regards,
Brandyn Sfetcu

Do you mean what order should you enable these functions in your project when you’re building it out, or are you asking whether that’s the correct order to execute the tasks when you are running dbt in production?

Hi Joellabes.I actually found out the answer to this question and was hoping to close this thread.

Best Regards,
Brandyn Sfetcu

@Brandyn-sfetcu it would be helpful for you to write a summary of your learnings here to help out anyone else who comes across it in the future!