DBT Cloud - life cycle modesl management

Hi dears dbt fans

sorry I very beginner ;>) on dbt cloud

I have some questions around Lifecycle / DEVOPS / DATA ops management on dbt cloud

  1. I created a new dbt cloud project linked to a BigQuery (project + dataset)
    linked a github repository

Perfect , i guess it’s a kind of workspace

I share this projects with 4 persons

  1. How to deploy models & setup jobs on TEST & Prod bigquery environments ?
    BigQuery (projects + datasets)

Do we need
#1 To create TEST & Prod projects & deploy models scripts (via Terraform ?) & setup jobs ?
Or #2 to play with Deploy (Jobs & env) via our project interface ?
<== Problem : scripts source is always our master branch for TEST & DEV build jobs ← can be dangerous for PROD