Build an adapter based on pyodbc

Hello ! Did anybody already succeed in building a new pyodbc based adapter ? From what I read on the docs, it was very easy up to v0.11.

Does SQLAdapter handle pyodbc interface ?

That way we could have both Dremio and Oracle support !

I am planning to start from dbt-mssql, also based on pyodbc. @drew, on the dbt-mssql’s repository, you proposed a PR to keep it compatible with v0.15, but did not get any answer yet. Do you think you could provide this PR by another mean, in order to start the devs on the latest dbt’s version ?

Looking forward,

Hi! Dbt-sqlderver is also based on pyodbc and support v0.15

Thank you @Ene for your answer. I have to build an oracle adapter in order to have a chance to use dbt in production, and am looking for a working odbc based adapter to start from.


I’m the author of dbt-mssql, and I’m hoping to get some changes out to bring up the compatibility sometime within the next week. I mistakenly turned off notifications for my own repo (DOH!) and totally missed Drew’s notice that something had broken. This adapter is being used in a very specific slot where we haven’t updated to 0.15.x yet.

Sorry for the unresponsiveness.

Thank you @Jacobm001 for your answer. I started reading both projects before trying to build an adapter for oracle.
Dremio is a different matter because of its specific way to materialize views.

Thank you again !