Facing Problem with dbt-duckdb adapter due incompatible issue with dbt-core.

Hi there,

I trying to configure the dbt with duckdb

I installed pip install dbt-duckdb

when i run the dbt --version i can’t able to see the dbt-duckdb plugin

`dbt --version

  • installed: 1.3.1
  • latest: 1.4.5 - Update available!

Your version of dbt-core is out of date!
You can find instructions for upgrading here:
Installation overview | dbt Developer Hub


  • postgres: 1.3.1 - Update available!

At least one plugin is out of date or incompatible with dbt-core.
You can find instructions for upgrading here:

And this is my profile.yml configuration
type: duckdb
path: ‘/tmp/my_duckdb.db’
target: dev

and when i run dbt debug

i am facing this error

1 check failed:
Profile loading failed for the following reason:
Runtime Error
Credentials in profile “duckdb”, target “dev” invalid: Runtime Error
Could not find adapter type duckdb!

And my duckdb version is 0.6.1

Any idea what is causing this problem. Let me know if there are any other details that would help.