Cannot upgrade to dbt 1.0.0

I can’t upgrade to the 1.0 version of dbt.
When I try and upgrade with
pip install dbt_core==1.0.0
I get the error saying only versions 0.x or 1.0.0b1, 1.0.0b2 are available. I tried using one of the 1.0.0b1 but it came with errors.

I tried dropping my venv, creating a new one to get the last version but it didn’t work either, I still get a 0.x version when I run
pip install dbt-postgres

Windows 10
Python 3.6.4
pip 21.3.1

Any recommandations ?
Thanks a lot,

I think you should try to start with the adapter version. Something like :

pip install dbt-snowflake

See documentation here: Use pip to install dbt | dbt Docs

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