Connecting to snowflake via SSO

We’re trying to convert all of our Snowflake accounts to use SSO, and so we’re figuring out how to set that up for dbt.

I did the obvious thing of replacing the password configuration in profile.yml with

   authenticator: externalbrowser

When I try to run dbt with this configuration, it does bring up a browser window, but as soon as I have authenticated there, it immediately brings up another. I can keep authenticating, but the same thing keeps happening…

I’m using the lastest version of dbt-snowflake available via pip, which gives me dbt-core=1.75 and the snowflake plugin=1.72. I’m running this under git bash on Windows, but I saw essentially the same behavior running in a linux docker image, so I’m guessing it is not an OS issue.

The only issues I’ve seen referenced are pretty old (Intermittent problem with DB connection while using Snowflake and SSO · Issue #2742 · dbt-labs/dbt-core · GitHub) or don’t seem quite relevant, since authentication did succeed (Snowflake Community).

Any suggestions for what I might be looking at/for?

(Note the first time I tried this, I had threads set to four, and it brought up four browser windows, which is its own problem…)