dbt-core opens multiple browser window for SSO Authentication, is there a way to prevent it ?

We are connecting dbt-core (MAC OS) with Snowflake via OKTA SSO thus we are using

authenticator: externalbrowser

in profiles.yml. When we run any dbt model, dbt opens up around 10 browser windows at a time to authenticate. Need a fix as we are not using password-based login.

I did set the snowflake ALLOW_ID_TOKEN=TRUE; and also followed the docs given below to install → Managing/Using Federated Authentication | Snowflake Documentation

The expectation is to get only one browser window should open, after successful authentication it should not prompt to authenticate for another 30 or 60 mins.

Nothing is helpful so far and the issue still persists, need some help to get this fixed.

We get the below message for around 10 times whenever a dbt run or compile is entered in the CLI

Initiating login request with your identity provider. A browser window should have opened for you to complete the login. If you can't see it, check existing browser windows, or your OS settings. Press CTRL+C to abort and try again...

hey there! have you tried setting this as well ALLOW_MFA_CACHING ? might be a good place to start.

Thanks @gwenwindflower

it worked after we set allow_id_token = true; It was strange that it opened multiple browser tabs a few hours after we set the allow_id_token to true. However, Thanks for the help !

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