connecting to snowflake that uses SSO, from Dbt cloud free account

I have the free account version of Dbt Cloud. In setting up a new project, in the connectons sheet, when I enter my development authenticaton details, there are only 2 options: “Name and Password” and “Key-Pair” authenticaton. I have a snowflake account that uses SSO (I cannot imagine a company using snowflake that does not use SSO/SCIM). In other tools, like Dbeaver SQL client, you can specify SSO, and it will authenticate in a browser popup, which authenticates, and passes that back to Dbeaver. I do not see any opton for that in the free account verson of Dbt Cloud.

Does anyone know how I can this to work, using the free acount dbt cloud?

Hi @ddumas,

OAuth connection to Snowflake is only available on the enterprise plans of dbt Cloud: Connect your database | dbt Developer Hub

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