Corrupted data load from GCP-hosted MySQL DB

The problem I’m having

Hey everybody! I have a dbt ↔ BQ question. In a nutshell the problem is - dbt ingests data from a prod replica DB - we use EXTERNAL_QUERY command

  1. Data gets loaded from our GCP-hosted MySQL DB
  2. One or two rows is loaded incorrectly/corrupted, e.g. is_bool_column gets loaded as null instead of 0/1
  3. We perform group by on the column within our dbt transformations
  4. :x: we get a duplicated record for an order/retailer/… :x:

What I’ve already tried

There is already a GH issue and I’ve included all detailed information here - [CT-2117] [CT-2113] [Bug] Corrupted data load from GCP-hosted MySQL DB · Issue #534 · dbt-labs/dbt-bigquery · GitHub

If there are any additional questions, please let me know, happy to provide as much context as possible!