dbt build using the Cloude IDE works fine, producing no warnings or errors, but results in empty tables in GCP

The problem I’m having

I’m using the browser-based IDE for dbt. I have been successfully developing and deploying data models for months. This past week, my latest build produced no errors or warnings and was compiled successfully. However, after deployment, all of the data in all of my data models in GCP is gone. All of my GCP tables show 0 bytes of information and 0 rows of data.

What I’ve already tried

  • I’ve verified that our BigQuery account is up-to-date – my credentials still work and we are current on our bills.
  • I’ve ensured that the IP addresses for dbt are still allowed.
  • I’ve verified that all 20-30 data models are empty (see screenshot below)

(new users can only upload 1 screenshot, but I have several more…)