Databricks Unity Catalog and configuring src yml files

The problem I’m having

How to configure a src_xxx.yml file with tables that are in Databricks and under a Unity catalog?

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I am new to dbt and I am trying to go through the course dbt Fundamentals.

What I’ve already tried

This is not working, in src_jaffle_shop.yml file:
version: 2


  • name: jaffle_shop
    database: uucatalog.uudb
    • name: jaffle_shop_customers

In stg_customers.sql:
id as customer_id,

–from uucatalog.uudb.jaffle_shop_customers
from {{source(‘jaffle_shop’,‘jaffle_shop_customers’)}}

I am trying to follow the dbt Fundamentals course. The jaffle_shop_customers is in my Databricks under a Unity catalog uucatalog and database (also called schema in Databricks) uudb. It was working ok directly with select * from uucatalog.uudb.jaffle_shop_customers. No I don’t know how to configure correctly the src_jaffle_shop.yml file.

Some example code or error messages

The error says that the table can’t be found.

Ok, I figured it out myself. Here is the correct syntax:

version: 2


  • name: uudb
    database: uucatalog
    • name: jaffle_shop_customers

This compiles and works. I am leaving this question here because some other Databricks users may be equally confused.

Hi Jujutila,
I am wondering if you have tried to build the table into different unity catalog. For example, a table built in A unity catalog when the target is set to dev, and it can also be built in B unity catalog when the target is configured to prod?