Use one data in unity catalog and built into different unity catalog in databricks

The problem I’m having

I am using databricks. I am trying to use one data in a unity catalog and when the target is set different , the built tables can be put in different unity catalog.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I can use the single source of truth to build tables.

What I’ve already tried

      + materialized: 'ephemeral'

        - name: datasources
          catalog: testing
          schema: datasources
            - name: base_source

      +catalog: "{{ 'dbt_zq' if in ['test', 'prod', 'test_unity', 'prod_unity'] else 'dbt_zq_test' }}" 
      +schema: databasesources
        +alias: goodtosee

Some example code or error messages

 Runtime Error in model datasourcesstaging (models\mytest\datasourcesstaging.sql)
 [UC_COMMAND_NOT_SUPPORTED] Creating a persistent view that references both Unity Catalog and Hive Metastore objects is not supported in Unity Catalog.

Would you mind giving some advice?

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