date_spine macro with sql statements throws syntax errors

The problem I’m having

  Using sql statements within the date_spine macro is throwing syntax errors.  

The context of why I’m trying to do this

dbt version: 1.4.6
dbt-labs/dbt_utils version: 1.0.0
database-engine: Snowflake

What I’ve already tried:

  I had this working with one sql statement and one date, but now I keep getting different errors.  I also tried adding a ::date to cast the columns and get the same errors.

Some example code or error messages

    {{ dbt_utils.date_spine(
        start_date="(select date_trunc('MONTH', min(month_end)) from "~ref('stage_accounting_month_ends')~")",
        end_date="(select max(month_end)) from "~ref('stage_accounting_month_ends')~")"
11:22:50  Database Error in model calendar (models/base/reimbursement/calendar.sql)
11:22:50    001003 (42000): SQL compilation error:
11:22:50    syntax error line 4 at position 32 unexpected 'from'.
11:22:50    syntax error line 4 at position 84 unexpected ')'.
11:22:50  Done. PASS=0 WARN=0 ERROR=1 SKIP=0 TOTAL=1

nevermind - figured it out - silly mistake