Using variables inside the dbt_utils.date_spine macro

I’m trying to create a date spine that where the first and last timestamps are taken from another model.

For example, if I have a table that shows the times that someone logs onto their computer, I want to create a date spine that will take the earliest logon time and the latest logon time. I can use dbt_utils.date_spine if I enter set dates for the beginning and end of the spine. I have tried a few different methods of setting the start and end timestamps using variables, such as select min(logon_time) from activity_table but they don’t work.

Does dbt_utils.date_spine have to take set dates as arguments or is there a way to use variables?

For example, this works:
{{ dbt_utils.date_spine( datepart="second", start_date="2022-01-01", end_date="2022-01-01", ) }}

This does not:

{{ dbt_utils.date_spine( datepart="second", start_date=select min(logon_time) from activity_table, end_date=select max(logon_time) from activity_table, ) }}