dbt cloud permanent link to the latest project documentation after each dbt run

Each time dbt jobs are rerun on dbt Cloud, project documentation is updated. However, to access that documentation, you have to go each time via login page. It is because on each dbt job run documentation URL changes with different run ID.
Example URL which keeps changing


It would be nice to have permanent URL which always points to the latest version of project documentation in dbt cloud. This would allow to permanently link to model documentation from outside sources, like wiki pages, intranet resources.
Good example is GitHub URL to download latest software release. Internally its a new commit, but that latest version is accessible via permanent URL:


Hey @scanbix,

There’s two ways you can get a dbt Docs URL from dbt Cloud:

  1. A run-specific link, like this: https://cloud.getdbt.com/accounts/1/runs/87163747/docs
  2. A job-specific link, like this: https://cloud.getdbt.com/accounts/1/jobs/940/docs

The first one does change from run to run, but the second stays static (unless you change which job is responsible for generating documentation in your Artifacts settings).

What’s surprising to me is that the example link you provide is a job-focused one, so I’m not sure why you’re seeing that the run ID keeps changing. Could you double-check that you pasted the right type of link?


Your explanation might resolve this small problem for now. Until the job, refreshing documentation is recreated/redeployed.
However, I would like put an improvement, that each project would have permanent, user-friendly like in GitHub URL to the latest documentation independent of job ID ir run ID.

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Agreed! I’ll bump that suggestion internally.

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