Export dbt documentations

could you give me some help in dbt docs I’d appreciate. doc website doesn’t provide an answer and neither did the search function. How I can extract my dbt documentation as a file (pdf, excel, word, … etc) /or something handy to my end user ?

I don’t think the dbt docs was considered as a static copy. It is more interactive. Click here, you go there. Narrow down what you are looking at, etc.

I think your best bet is to take the documentation folder created when you issue dbt docs generate and copy the entire hierarchy to some webserver where you can then send folks a URL to.

Note: @boyer originally posted this reply in Slack. It might not have transferred perfectly.

Heads up dbt this would be a valuable function to provide - clients are requesting access to a data catalog / data dictionary but we have no way of providing it. Please correct me if there’s an alternative.


You can provide a rich, interactive data dictionary by hosting the docs site somewhere (see deploying the documentation site), but it can’t be a static word document etc.