dbtCloud can't connect to Snowflake

I thought this problem was because of an upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 but my transformations are still not running

 Database Error
    250001 (08001): Failed to connect to DB: skxxxxx.eu-central-1.snowflakecomputing.com:443. User temporarily locked. Contact your local system administrator or please create a case with Snowflake Support or reach us on our support line: 

It’s weird because when I use DataGrip to connect to Snowflake, also using my account, then there’s no problem, the user is not locked.

Running the same instance of dbt locally using dbt-core also works fine, it’s only dbt Cloud that fails to connect…

Anybody having similar problems?

Even worse is that the running the transformations in Develop works fine but scheduling doesn’t

Have you checked the logs? Usually some problems come from permissions or connections been blocked.

Can you post the log here?

Not sure why but dbt Cloud started working when I removed the role from connection. It’s weird because if I connect as my user with that role directly via Datagrip it also works perfectly fine…