Good tools for "knowledge platform"?

Somewhat connected to dbt workflows, I’m curious if anyone here has experience with a good tool/platform to function as a knowledge repository? Beyond legacy wiki-style tools, I’ve seen Airbnb’s Knowledge Repo but am looking for something that supports less technical creation workflow than github flow with Rmarkdown or Jupyter notebooks. Ideally a tool that simplifies the process of sharing learnings and curating institutional knowledge, much in the (magical) way that dbt simplifies data warehousing and transformation :slight_smile:. Looking to deploy at a startup with 150 people, and can reasonably scale to 1,000 people.

We recently started trying out Slab (, also on Product Hunt here: Still early, but we really like it and it seems to have lots of potential. We’ve also tried out Airbnb’s knowledge repo but ran into the same problem as far as friction for non-technical users with creating new content.

That depends a lot on what you expect it to do. My company uses Discourse to aid in the durability and searchability of knowledge, but that presumes a more document oriented approach. We write “whitepapers” that discuss the finding, with links included to resources for which Discourse isn’t a good home, e.g. code.

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I haven’t used it but I haven’t come across much other than that and Knowledge Repo.