Help -- error message : [dbname] is not of type 'string'?

Hi there – I’m setting up my first dbt project with snowflake and I keep getting the follow error and I’m stumped. Not sure this is the right place to ask?

(base) C:\Users\pwatridg[test-project]>dbt run
Running with dbt=0.15.0
Encountered an error while reading profiles:
ERROR Runtime Error
Credentials in profile “calixsnowflake”, target “dev” invalid: [‘oraclebi’] is not of type ‘string’
Defined profiles:

  • calixsnowflake

I’ve attached images of my profile files and my snowflake db structure – not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

Hey @watridge. I think the square brackets are throwing it off in the profiles.yml file. Could you try removing them and see if it works?

Thanks @dylanbaker. That did the trick. I did have to set the db to all caps too. I just found out there is a slack channel that I probably should have used for this question. Will know for next time!