when try to connect to ibm db2 database, got issue

Hi All,
i installed dbt-core, installed pip install dbt-ibmdb2. but when try to run dbt, it shows below error:17:27:52 Encountered an error while reading profiles: Believed i have set the dbt_project and profiles right, i have attached these fileds snapshot below as well, anyone have similar issue? please help. thanks so much
ERROR: Runtime Error
Credentials in profile “db2-db”, target “dev” invalid: ‘user’ is a required propertyDefined profiles:.



Hi @xzheng,

The error message says that user is a required property. I looked at the example profiles.yml file and it references username, but the sample_profiles.yml file in the repo uses user, so I think the docs are incorrect here.

Can you try replacing username with user and see what happens?