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I now played with DBT cloud a little and notices that merged and deleted branches still show up in the “checkout branch” menu.

If there a way to get rid of those permanently? This will get messy real fast.

FAQ and board came up empty.




Have you found a solution for remove deleted local branches so they dont show up in the “checkout branch” list?



Yes, to be honest it kind of fixed itself and I have no idea why it was not working before.

So my current setup is that dbt is connected to a github repo and you can delete branches manually in github and/or set up that branches are deleted on merge.

If you delete all the branches here and then go for “refresh git state” in the dbt frontend, the old branches will disappear.

It also turned out to be a non issue because we are not really using the dbt webfrontend for development because it’s pretty slow. Usually I just develop in visual studio code, created my branches there and push into the repo. Only some more testing is needed, I go to the dbt webfrotend, open my branch and test there.

Testing is also not optimal in the webfrontend from what I feel because there is no way to test on production data, only on your test clone which can take a good while to update.

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Thanks for the info, I still find that no matter how/where I delete the branches, they remain in the available list when you use the web frontend when you select the “checkout branch” option, and they appear under the heading of “removed from remote”. I thought the “refresh git state” would have removed them locally, but they remain in the list.

Interestingly, I exclusively uses Chrome to develop in the dbt Cloud web frontend, but I tried with Edge to see if it was quicker. The list of available “removed from remote” branches was available there as well, so the local git branch data must be browser agnostic.

After a big more digging/playing I logged into my DBT account from a separate machine and the old/deleted branches were there. I can only imagine that branches are also held somewhere within the DBT infrastructure somewhere.

+1 here. We are having the same issue. The local git version of the branch still exists, even after removing the branch in GitHub. I wonder if there is a way to access the CLI in DBT Cloud so we can run a command to remove the deleted branch from remote.

In the new dbt IDE, we demote branches that have been removed from remote to the bottom of the list:


We demoed the new IDE at a recent dbt Staging event, and you can join the beta here: Sign up for the new dbt Cloud Beta Program!

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