How to use Bigquery dry_run with dbt ?

I use Bigquery and dbt core 0.25

do you know how can i use the option dry_run of Bigquery with dbt ?

Hey @majorcemp, dbt core 0.25 doesn’t exist - where are you seeing that version number? Are you using the Cloud CLI beta perhaps?

Regardless, as far as I know we haven’t implemented any dry run functionality in Core directly, however there is an accompanying pip project made by a dbt user which you might find helpful

0.20 version I’m using the dbt core, I’ll have a look at the project thanks a lot, do you know any other ways of using the Bigquery dry_run ? I would like to test my SQL code on Bigquery no only the jinja and yaml from dbt.
Or maybe a specific linter that would catch the same errors Bigquery could catch when using dry_run ?