Meetups for dbt users

Meetups we know about!

This is a list of Meetups that are organized by, or attended by, members of the dbt community. If you have a Meetup you’d like to add, let me know on Slack, or comment below :point_down:

North America

New York, USA

San Francisco, USA

Montreal, Canada


London, UK

Australia/New Zealand

Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

I want to talk about dbt at a Meetup!

Amazing! We are genuinely so stoked whenever someone mentions the three letters “dbt” in a row!

Here’s some advice based on the numerous (two :v:) Meetups I’ve spoken at:

  • It’s much more compelling to an audience when you talk about a problem you solved (preferably a common one), rather than a technology stack. For example, I think @joshtemple’s article (and Meetup presentation) on Automated testing in the modern data warehouse is a great example of a problem many people in our field have, that dbt happened to help with.
  • Our community is still growing, so we think it’s best to talk at data-engineering-related Meetups, rather than creating a Meetup specifically for dbt users (save for some major cities like New York and London).
  • If you’re stuck for a topic idea, reach out to me on Slack. I have more article/talk ideas than I have time to write them! I’m happy to lend a hand!
  • We have a demonstration project which is great for communicating dbt to new users, and some logos.

Here are some previous presentations on dbt that have been given at Meetups, please reach out to the author if you want to use some of their content.

Lastly, please let us know if you are talking about dbt at a Meetup! It makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, and we will do our best to help out :blush: