New Package: dbt-meta-testing

Hey folks!

I’ve codified some functionality for ensuring test and documentation coverage into a dbt package called dbt-meta-testing (source).

Previously, I wrote some python scripts to enforce this coverage in the CI at my prior company. I shared them with Nehil and Jonathan at SnapTravel and they made some improvements - but this package is an attempt to make this functionality easily accessible to the wider dbt community.

This package is in alpha release, so there may be changes to the configuration functionality. Feedback and discussion is welcome, so please don’t hesitate to open an issue.

May your models always be documented and the tests always pass in your favor!




@tnightengale this is fantastic! I’ve been looking for a way to track test/documentation coverage at this granular level, and this seems to fit the bill completely. This is gonna go so well with exposures once they come out, allowing us to truly formalize data quality SLOs and make sure they’re consistently met as the models underneath evolve.