Supported Postgres version for dbt

Hi, our project’s database is using Postgres version 14 and I see the current Postgres supported version for dbt 1.4 goes up 11. I would like to know if it would be a problem for us to still use dbt 1.4 or do we need to wait for a future release of dbt to use? Also I would like to know what will the supported Postgres versions be in the future.

Thank you in advance.

What documentation do you see that indicates dbt supports only up through Postgres 11? I’m using dbt with Postgres 13 and it works fine.

Note: @Owen originally posted this reply in Slack. It might not have transferred perfectly.

I have read it on the page listing the prerequisites: Prerequisites | dbt Developer Hub

“Supported versions include 9.6, 10, and 11. The database should be configured with at least 50GB of storage.”

The thing is that it mentions this for dbt Cloud and not dbt Core. But since dbt Cloud is built upon dbt Core I figured it will be the same.

Those are the pre-requisites for hosting the dbt Cloud application on-premise (which IIRC is no longer supported anyway).

I don’t believe there is any known restriction on postgres versions with the dbt postgres adapter.