Use multiple target credentials

The problem I’m having

Hello, I’m trying to execute model creation between multiple schemas in one run.
For security policy in the company, every schemas have their own credential without access to other schemas (excepted Read access).
All schemas use the same database server (Oracle).

My constraints are:
Staging (stg_) tables must be store in STAGING schema
ODS (ods_) tables must be store in ODS schema
DWH (dwh_) tables must be store in DWH schema

Here is a short version of the structure of my project:



Creation flow goes like:

stg_my_model.sql → ods_my_model.sql → dwh_my_model.sql

I have created target profiles with credentials for Staging, ODS and DWH in the profiles.yml file.

The only way I have found for now is to run sequentially every models with their own targets as:

dbt run -m stg_my_model --target ‘staging’
dbt run -m ods_my_model --target ‘ods’
dbt run -m dwh_my_model --target ‘dwh’

My problem is with this configuration I cannot perform for exemple a run like:

dbt-run -m +dwh_my_model --target ‘dwh’

Because children models use different target credentials.

I there any way to run everything in same run ? Maybe by specifying the target directly in the model configuration ?

Thanks !