Using Integration Test suite


I am experimenting with an adaptor but I am trying to utilise the test suite at

I execute the following command:


However no matter what kind of profile I use I get the following:

Test direct copying of source tables # features/001_basic_materializations.feature
Test materialized=‘view’ – @1.1 …F

FAILURE in step ‘I successfully run “dbt deps”’ (features/001_basic_materializations.feature:44):
Assertion Failed: Running with dbt=0.15.0
WARNING: The git package “” is not pinned.
This can introduce breaking changes into your project without warning!

Encountered an error:
Runtime Error
at path []: Additional properties are not allowed (‘config-version’ was unexpected)

Expected: <0>
but: was <2>

Failing scenarios:
features/001_basic_materializations.feature:51 Test materialized=‘view’ – @1.1

1 feature passed, 1 failed, 0 skipped, 1 untested
0 scenarios passed, 1 failed, 0 skipped, 12 untested
5 steps passed, 1 failed, 3 skipped, 0 undefined, 139 untested

What’s the best way to investigate the above issue?
Am I correct to assume that in order to run the tests, I just need to specify the profile name and that should work given the adapter is working fine?

Let me know your thoughts.