What do you think about coalesce.io?

  • I just came accross this tool: https://coalesce.io/. They say they’re “The only Data Transformation tool built for scale”.
  • However, my feeling is that they’re trying to take advantage of the SEO positioning that the dbt conference has (https://coalesce.getdbt.com/). So, if you’re looking for info about coalesce conference (via google or youtube), you would see this project in the search results, and probably at the top.
  • Apparently, this (coalesce.io) is not an open source project, and it seems close to dbt. In fact, some of the screenshots are pretty much like the documentation, yml and sql files from dbt.

I do hope it doesn’t harm the dbt project at all. I would say this is a questionable strategy.


I have seen a demo of this tool and while it may seem dbt like, I think the big difference they are going for is it is meant to be much more of a GUI interface, for example you can join and transform your data through the UI and not even see the code. However, you can get into the code to customize it if you need to.

They also seemed to be very focused on the creation of data vaults in creating this tool.