What is the dbt logo?

I can’t tell what the orange logo is supposed to be. I gotta know!


Good question @trevor – we don’t know either! When we commissioned the logo, we asked our designer to come up with something abstractly mechanical looking. It’s not really supposed to look like anything, but we’ve heard some folks say it looks like:

What do you think it looks like? :slight_smile:

You forgot the most common: a fidget spinner


Ah! Good to know. I’ve spent entirely too much time trying to figure it out. These were my best guesses:

Top view of a bobsled with wings
Jack (i.e. the game jacks with the rubber balls)
Top of an airplane
The top-view of a stick shift with a circular ball

It’s clearly a VESA compliant monitor mounting bracket. :slight_smile:


It’s clearly a VESA compliant monitor mounting bracket. :slight_smile:

When I first encountered dbt and saw the logo, that’s exactly what came to mind! :sweat_smile:

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Fun thread! My first impression was some form of rotary engine, which Wikipedia characterizes as:

A very efficient solution to the problems of power output, weight, and reliability

That mental image meshes well with my experience using dbt so far to handle our data. :grin:

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First look definitely gave me fidget spinner vibes and I invented a backstory that someone at fishtown might have been obsessed with them. Also, I use my spinner when I wait for a run to complete.