Initializing a Github Repo that transferred from another account

I have connected to a GitHub Repo and I am trying to initialize a previously set-up account for a client. I am not familiar with how dbt works fundamentally, so I am feeling stuck actually running the code that was transferred to us to use.

The devs have already provided the code repo for us and have stated it is fairly simple to start up, but this is obviously not the case coming from low amount of knowledge in the dbt platform. It’s a 3rd party relationship that we don’t have direct access to, so asking them for help isn’t an option in this scenario.

I’ve review the documentation, but I am afraid that I am not as well versed as the documentation assumes that I should be, and I cannot get us from our GitHub development environment to production.

I am working in BigQuery

Is there a quickstart walkthrough, where I can see how move from the point of retrieving code from a GitHub repo and pushing that to production?

Is dbt even installed in your environement?
If yes you may start by executing dbt run if the purpose is to deploy the full project, but you need to be cautious if you’re not sure what’s the target environement.
Finally, you’ll probably have to set up environement variables, credentials, etc.
So nothing as simple as pull the code and press a button

Our quickstarts assume you don’t already have a dbt project built, and walk you through that process as well. In your case you can do the installation steps and then jump ahead to running the existing project. If you want to run dbt Core locally, this quickstart is for you: Quickstart for dbt Core from a manual install | dbt Developer Hub

However if you are trying to deploy a project to production, you may find dbt Cloud easier: Deploy dbt jobs | dbt Developer Hub (and here’s the dbt Cloud/BigQuery quickstart)

What do you mean when you say “transferred from another account”? What sort of account? How were they running dbt before engaging you?