Need help running dbt tutorial at CLI

I am following the dbt tutorial for creating a project using the CLI (dbt CLI: Create a project | dbt Docs)

I am stuck at the part where I do a “dbt debug”, getting this error:

(dbt-env) $ dbt debug
Running with dbt=0.20.1
dbt version: 0.20.1
python version: 3.9.7
python path: C:\Users\shart\dbt-env\Scripts\python.exe
os info: Windows-10-10.0.19041-SP0
Using profiles.yml file at C:\Users\shart\.dbt\profiles.yml
Using dbt_project.yml file at C:\Users\shart\jaffle-shop2\dbt_project.yml

Encountered an error:
object.__init__() takes exactly one argument (the instance to initialize)

I’ve googled it a lot and haven’t found anyone with the same error.
Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Hi Steve,

If you use Python 3.9.6 or earlier you will avoid that error — there seems to be a compatibility issue between 3.9.7 and dbt.

Dang it–missed it by 0.0.1!!
Thank you very much! I will try to use 3.9.6